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Psychosocial interventions are essential to support people with dementia. This guide is intended for all professionals working directly or indirectly with people with dementia. It aims to improve knowledge, understanding and implementation of psychosocial interventions that can be provided to them.

Each chapter can be downloaded in the form of a practical sheet for professionals and a simplified version for people with dementia and family caregivers.

Practical sheets for professionals

  1. Adapted physical activity (Jean-Christophe Mino)
  2. Animal assisted interventions (Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers)
  3. Art therapy (Angel C. Duncan)
  4. Cognitive rehabilitation (Aleksandra Kudlicka)
  5. Cognitive stimulation therapy (Élodie Bertrand & Aimee Spector)
  6. Dance-based interventions (Jean-Bernard Mabire & Kevin Charras)
  7. Horticultural therapy (France Criou & Isabelle Boucq)
  8. Multisensory stimulation (Victoria Tischler & Federica D’Andrea)
  9. Music therapy (Hervé Platel)
  10. Reminiscence therapy (Bob Woods)

To be effective, psychosocial interventions must be provided according to specific indications and be adapted to the needs, difficulties and interests of people with dementia.

Jean-Bernard Mabire, psychologist and Living Lab project manager


Excerpt from the guide

Advance notice

The clinical and practical advice presented in this guide is not a substitute for the training and knowledge required to provide these interventions but helps to define the framework for each intervention as well as the human and material resources required.

Psychosocial interventions and dementia
Discover below the sheets for people with dementia and family caregivers

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